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Safety, Structure & Support

Student Profile

COVE Students

The COVE School serves residential students and day students who have a history of unsuccessful school placements and may need additional support in self-regulation, mental health, or academic recovery. Student who attend the COVE benefit from a relationship-based therapeutic approach to learn new strategies to face challenges that previously impacted their success at home, school, and the their communities. Often, COVE’s students do not fit neatly under the criteria of a specific diagnosis or they have been diagnosed with multiple disorders, including, but not limited to:

Individualized Education

Students at The COVE are on an IEP* (individualized education plan) with a primary diagnosis of emotional disability. The school integrates education, clinical intervention, social/emotional learning, and vocational skill development in order to focus on the whole student and addresses educational, psychological, and regulatory needs through hands on learning, individual and group therapy, and community building.

Strengths-based support

We are a therapeutic school that provides strengths-based, trauma informed, and restorative practices to our students, many of whom present with a myriad of psychiatric and/or emotional disorders. We focus on academic, social, and clinical engagement through a relational and therapeutic lens. All our licensed educators, clinicians, and support staff are trained in trauma informed care and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

*For students not on an IEP and not actively in an Extended Evaluation period, including privately-funded students, an Instructional Services Plan (ISP) will be developed by The COVE’s Special Education department and reviewed with a student’s guardian(s) and funding source(s) prior to implementation.