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Support for complex needs

Clinical Approach

Providing Structured Treatment

The clinical team at The COVE School works in collaboration with the school to assist every student in achieving not only their academic goals but also their social/emotional and therapeutic goals.

Trauma informed approach

Many students that attend The COVE Day School and Residential Program have a history of trauma, disrupted school placements, and psychiatric disorders that can manifest in withdrawal, avoidance, aggression, distrust, mood lability, and hypervigilance. With the understanding that many factors impact learning, clinicians utilize different trauma informed approaches in their work with students on an ongoing treatment basis.

Personalized Clinical Support

Every student at The COVE School is assigned a clinician upon admission. Each clinician is a masters-level social worker or mental health clinician, or an intern directly supervised by one. In addition to case management, clinicians conduct weekly individual therapy, twice-weekly group therapy, and are regularly present and available to students within the school and residential environments. The team of people working with a student on a day-to-day basis meet routinely to discuss both interventions and strategies for each individual youth.


The clinical team collaborates with teachers and faculty, parents and caregivers, school districts and placement agencies, and any outside providers who may work with students in the community to help students engage with and reach their therapeutic goals.