Safety, Structure & Support

Residential Life


Students are assigned to a dorm based on age, developmental maturity, and peer group “fit” with other students. Each dorm has its own core team of staff, headed by a Dorm Clinician, a Masters level therapist, who oversees the development and implementation of the students’ Individual Treatment Plans.

Each dorm has common areas, a small kitchen, dining area, and double bedrooms. Bedrooms are furnished with twin beds, desks, chairs, and closet organizers. Students are encouraged to bring pictures and posters from home to decorate their room.

Breakfast and lunch are served in our campus dining hall, while dinner is eaten family-style, staff and students together, in the dorm dining area.

After-School Activities

Between intramural athletic teams, arts, volunteer opportunities, off campus trips to town and nearby sights, our students are actively engaged after school and on weekends. When the school day is over, you might find our students canoeing, fishing, playing a game of disc golf on a course around campus, practicing for an upcoming basketball game against a local school, going for a photography hike, working on the literary magazine, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Our activities aim to reflect current student (and staff!) interests and passions, hence are always changing.


Paddle or go fishing in the calming waters steps from campus


Hit the slopes and enjoy the outdoors

Disc Golf

Rebuild confidence with a bit of competition


Explore the wonder and beauty of campus and nearby trails


Donate time at a local animal shelter


Weekends remain highly structured and supervised, but also provide the opportunity to take longer trips around the New England area. Favorite spots include local hikes, ceramics studios, seasonal fairs, visiting Boston, shopping at the local mall, and catching a movie. New opportunities occur each weekend as the interests of our students and staff emerge and evolve.