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Vocational Programs

Building skills for success

The COVE School Vocational Program provides services to students preparing for job and career readiness. The program affords students opportunities to explore varied job and career tracks, learn effective methods of communication through a therapeutic lens, and gain real life experiences through applied learning. 

Vocational Opportunities

The main objective of the Vocational Program is to provide necessary skills to students in the special education population by utilizing a progressive and specialized pedagogy. The COVE School offers a multifaceted approach to learning, focusing heavily on the kinesthetic learning strengths of our students.  Our full offerings of vocational studies can be found in our 



Students learn foundational food and kitchen safety, as well as cooking techniques to be used in a personal and commercial setting


Students have an opportunity to learn fundamental carpentry and woodworking skills

Equine Studies

Students will learn and develop skills related to animal care, horsemanship, and farm management while working on-site at local horse farm


Students will develop basic maintenance and landscaping skills through practical, supervised, on-site skill development

Service Industry

Students explore the world of lodging, food, and beverage service, meeting planning, travel and tourism, and related businesses

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